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These are the rules for the site. Please do not ignore or break them. If you have questions or are unsure of something please do not hesitate to ask Midnight. Message the admin after reading the rules when you join the site.

Also, the 'Way of the World' description is located here with the Second World's info.

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Discord Group
by Midnight, Dec 20, 2022 8:17:08 GMT -5
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All Out Of Character things should be located on this board. It is a place to share and laugh, whether it be funny pictures, books, gaming, or character and roleplay ideas.

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College Student
by Midnight, May 2, 2022 22:29:18 GMT -5
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Guest friendly!

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Black Clover: Shattered Grimoires
by Wizard Queen, Jan 29, 2024 19:45:41 GMT -5
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The World Lore & Character Info

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Characters New Images (For Me)
by Midnight, May 2, 2022 13:29:08 GMT -5
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Moon Kingdom
by Midnight, Feb 27, 2022 10:40:16 GMT -5
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The Continent

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Sound of Metal
by Midnight, Mar 9, 2022 18:16:52 GMT -5
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Lochness Kingdom resides west below the The Moon Kingdom

Ruled by: Leon
Claimed by: Midnight

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Owned by: Half by Evil and half by Grave (who doesn't remember)
Claimed by: Midnight

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Blood Makes The Garden Grow
by Midnight, Jul 6, 2018 20:03:11 GMT -5

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Waterfalls run off Waterfall City and into this city. Welcome to the City of Roses, a vast gate of roses surrounds the city mostly decorated in red. Inside the gates is an array of colored roses. The weather is not to benefit the people but the roses, with consistent short bursts of rain. The sun shows just enough to make the roses grow without fading their colors and the air is just warm enough for them to thrive.

Inside the city roses cover the houses. Gardens are everywhere with amazing statues inside them, each holding a story. There is one garden in the middle of the city that is said that faeries can be seen frolicking through the flowers making them grow into amazing colors and have a long, rich life. Many consider this garden sacred and stay out. In the middle are two lone roses. Beautiful and seeming to glow. Legend has it the roses hold the faeries. Others don't believe in that garbage. Why not view it for yourself? Or you can ask the roses...

Ruled by: Silver
Claimed by: Midnight

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Do You Dare Go Into The Sacred Garden?
by Midnight, Jul 7, 2018 21:09:15 GMT -5

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A long dirt road that leads you to be surrounded by a variety of graves. The city of death? No, but you’re close to it. The graves lead you down a seemingly endless road and stops in the front of tall black fences. Odd shapes play in the metal, the sky seems dark and everything looks gray, and every plant is twisted. The trees seem to reach to the sky and scream for the smallest beam of sunlight to nourish the brittle branches and any grass is scorched.

The buildings are rundown and empty but the haunting melody of French music plays, telling you there must be life some place. You’re right. The life isn't the one you expected. Ghosts and zombies walk these streets at night. Before this city is the death of you, seek life in the Bringers of Death, Darkfire and Kitten. If you’re lucky, they will have you spared... for a while.

Ruled by: King Darkfire & Queen Kitten
Claimed by: Midnight/Kitten

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Bring a flashlight... the moon is the sun. In a cursed or blessed city where night never ends many things take refuge. When you think of night the creatures that cross your mind can be found here. Vampires, werewolves, unicorns, dragons, sprites, swamp monsters, thieves and demons. They all sit here in the Endless Night City.

The houses are more modern looking. Made of wood brick and mainly break proof glass. There are few tall things in the city because of the lack of light. Old fashion looking street lights line the street and there are few cars used around. Mostly horse drawn carriages or just plain old horse and rider.

People swore they love the night and would love staying here. Many try but something breaks them in and makes them flee. Maybe the screams at night. Maybe the endless howls of wolves. Mostly the Curse of the Endless Night.

Ruled by: Stelios
Claimed by: shizuko

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What could be better for a thief or criminal than a whole city made out of gold? Forget about El Dorado! Gold City is the city people could only dream of! However, the perfect reality in this world is that the city is real. Yes, Gold City is real and everything is gold. This city is not myth, but legend for the gold within the place.

The city itself seems to blind distant travelers once the sun hits the castle. The streets are paved in gold and brighten the whole entire area. The water is gold colored as well, painting the sky the same color, but safe to drink as if the water was normal water only the intoxicating taste of the liquid is enough to take anyone’s breath away. Even the trees are gold and still have the characteristics of a real tree from maple to willow. The golden trees smell like real trees and are just as valuable, but perhaps more!

Go ahead and touch a tree or gather the syrup from a maple a tree! Sure the syrup is gold, but the liquid goodness is still the same! The flowers are the same way; they smell like normal flowers, but are painted gold. Even the sun is a gold color that shines down, lighting the valley in all its glory. Gold City is a legend and beautiful. If anyone should ever get a chance to visit the city, the creature should take the chance. The view is worth all consequences.

Golden Village is built majorly by the gods for greedy little demons who just can't get enough gold. There is even a tower that supports the most prized treasure of this city; a golden diamond bigger than a football, but be warned: This treasure is off limits and you will become cursed if you tend to steal this precious jewel.


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Where beautiful white snow covers all. No other place could be such a model of perfection. The trees were icy, white, and covered with snow. The plants were made of ice, looking as if they were pure crystal. The flower's petals were still somehow soft to the touch though, adding to the magic.

Through day a blue sun shines softly down on the city, illuminating it just enough as to not melt the ice and snow. As night starts to come, the soft purple moon rises majestically in the sky. All of the houses and buildings are white, not only from their normal coloring, but because of the snow. None are quite as beautiful as the castle to the north of the city though. The walkway to the castle is made out of pure white marble. The castle itself was not only this beautiful marble, but it also had ice crystals in it, adding a sparkle to everything.

Ruled By: Lynette Shizuka
Claimed By: Poe

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It feels and looks like an endless sea of greenery, land so lush and full of life. There is plenty of death but with that also brings new life into the world, continuing the circle of life that keeps everything running. The forest stretches for miles, taking months or maybe even years to transverse from end to end. Be careful out there. About in the center lies a city, nothing massive but definitely nothing small. You can resupply or start a new life here, a city full of opportunity. It can be easily separated into three rings, the castle being in the northern end and main businesses being within the center. The middle ring houses smaller more local businesses and housing for the residents, peaceful and homely. Then there is the outer ring, a place with run-down buildings and troublesome individuals. Though there is crime throughout the city, this seems to be the general area these people settle while keeping a low cover.

Ruled By: Jirou and Hiroshi Taurian
Created & Claimed By: Poe

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Information To Know
by Poe, Apr 11, 2018 22:30:06 GMT -5
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Explore the other lands on isis here. From the Black Widow Forest, the Bad Lands, Dragons nest, ect.

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The Ancient One
by Midnight, Jul 13, 2018 11:57:16 GMT -5

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There are other worlds other than that of second world. Among the portals of the universe, many planets and dimensions have surfaced as the order within the strings of reality shatter, allowing travels of other species. For centuries, the safe haven of second world created by the gods has kept up it’s defenses, but as new threats find their way through, dangers arise. A double edged sword to strangers, there are always those who have come to conquer and then those that promote peace. With the visitors of other worlds comes the curiosity to explore as well, inhabitants of the second world can be found exploring these new worlds, searching for riches unbound, the thrill of adventure, or the craving of gaining power. Each world to their own agenda, you can dwell in your own or of that in another. You can be in a dimension unknown to anyone, but created as you go along. An unnamed continent, a forgotten forest, or a enriched city of wealth in what ever time frame that fits. The portals around second world can hold a grave future ahead, but within the same not all is lost. A ray of hope still remains within the endless black abyss.

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by Midnight, Aug 21, 2007 19:20:24 GMT -5

The Islands

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Come into the inviting wonders that is Rainbow Island. Travel along a path that leads you into the spiraling elegance of the castle where a big fountain makes a clear view with trickling, rainbow colored water. Its inviting color suggests you to drink it, and when you do, your mouth travels to places you’ve never experienced from the symphony of flavors you get in just one taste.

All water in Rainbow Island is like the same, with tantalizing colors and flavors unfathomable to human kind. In the center of the island is a tree with lush, vividly green leaves that create a musical denote with the bristle of the wind through its branches. Just underneath the tree is a current of flowing, rainbow water that feeds the tree, making the fruits as mind boggling but heart warming as the water with colorful unmentionables not even known to mankind.

The tropical island with inviting aromas has a wonderful, warm weather sans the humidity, keeping the beautiful plants as vibrantly as they always are. Keeping all this in touch is the little spirit of the island named Rainbow. She is the source and foundation of the island’s magic and eye seeking wonderment.

Ruled by: Z & Joey
Claimed by: Midnight

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The island is surrounded by abnormal sized metal chains that come alive and strangle, kill, or trap anyone that comes across the chains’ path. They also warn distant travellers by rattling together, making loud clanging noises to scare the tourists away. Some travellers, not knowing the dangers, do not know what they’re really getting themselves into, ignore it, and most don't come back. Island of Chains had been mostly created by the lonely demon himself as an escapade from his own misery and thoughts.

Besides all the terrors of the island, it does have a beautiful sight. Bloomed roses and luscious plant life with a surrounding sea; whose waves swish and bristle into the air, building a calming nature. Island of chains is probably the best known hide out for an old criminal named Deimos, the Panic, who is one of the famous rapists of his time.

Claimed by Deimos

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This unclaimed island is full of riches and treasures greater than anything a king could ever own. Think you can find it? Well be warned, this treasured island could supply you with food, water, and any other needs for your whole life but with a catch: if you can find the will and power to live that long. It is said men have gone insane on the island searching for it's hidden treasure. Some have even been possessed.

Some of the most cruel pirate and bandit hideouts are on the island as well living off its vast vegetation. The pirates, in their life search for the treasure, have started rumours that the spirits of those who's riches were taken from are guarding the prize.

Ruled by: Royal family children

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Forgotten Treasure
by Sparksfox, Sept 20, 2018 9:36:23 GMT -5

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Heaven on Earth is the simplest way to describe this isle of beauty and lush plant life. Lust Isle is the most beautiful island in all of the Second World. Partly tropical, the isle's grass is always green and its plants never wilt, especially the roses. It is the keeper of the most beautiful roses next to Rose City. With roses of every, color it's easy to charm any woman here, and if you take her up on the tall cliffs that appear to barely touch the bright full moons of the warm nights, she’ll be at the delight of your palms, enchanted by the distracting beauty of the island’s pleasures.

If you want a little more then take your fair maiden into the caves high into the cliffs. It's not as warm nor as humid inside, but instead cool with the faint sound of trickling water. The caves were made into houses for people that used to inhabit the isle. These people, though, have dwindled in numbers but as the Second World becomes more inhabited, so do these forgotten homes. In all it is perfect for any couple seeking to get away into a place of tropic peace with out anything to worry about.


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Nowhere is safe… and there won’t be any kind of comfort in Skull Island. Known for being one of the most dangerous islands of the Second World, Skull Island makes itself famous for the fact that no human ever sets foot in it. Why? They’re too scared. A motley of dinosaurs—instead of humans—rule the island, having the savage lack of control to do anything they really please. You might as well be turned into dinner if you even think about setting a foot here.

Half of the land is filled with green, murky, swamp like waters; the other half is just dry terrain with full, but cadaver-like trees that spread throughout the turfs where blood thirsty animals hide. The instant you think you have to run, those blood thirsty animals come out from their hiding place to tear you apart limb from limb, feasting merrily on your insides and providing, raw meat.

The only one suspected of witnessing such things and live to tell the tales is the infamous Midnight, ex-queen of Nightmare City.


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How Far Would You Run To Be Free?
by Sparksfox, Sept 20, 2018 19:47:08 GMT -5
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Located near City of Fire and Sky City, the island of twilight is of that beautiful lit sky. Like a swarm of locus, the twilight shifts around the island like a live entity. This island welcomes those of the light and those of the dark as one side of the island is day and the other is night. The light gives the land a healthy glow of lush grass and full trees, but in the dead of the night, trees are robbed of their beautiful and resonate in a haunted wasteland of darkness. The good and the bad reside on these two side, but under that of the twilight...It can get ugly.

There are multiple villages and towns about the land, but in the center where most of the twilight resides is a tail haunted tower. It reached high into the sky and is home to an evil little cat. The mountain rages are vast like skyscrapers, but the truly remarkable feature is the water. The water within and around the island has a deep purple hue with a lovely, sweet taste instead of salt like any other ocean around an island. The natives of this island use it for cooking as it is rich and pure.

Claimed by : Salem

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